No matter what the weather is like outside, it's always sunny and relaxing in the Capybara Family pack!
Have you ever seen a capybara hold a comma as if it controls the world?
And how it bends flocks of fish to its will - as if it controlled the market!

$CPBR is your talisman of calm in the turbulent waters of the cryptoworld

In case you didn't know, the toughest in the pack are the ones who stand on the mongrel and hold the frog's legs.
By the way, did you see how much Pepe cost today? The capybara is the king of the pool, with a black balloon eight in his paws.

ABOUT capybara

Capybara $CPBR is not just a memcoin, it's your new credo.

We're not just here to hype, we're here to conquer.

Chill and dominate like the capybara that chews traders for dinner!

Capybaras aren't worried about a correction - they know $CPBR is the long game!

Want to be part of the pack?

The step-by-step plan to take over the $CPBR world is available to everyone. Hint - start by buying coins. Walk boldly like a capybara across the river!

Are you ready to see a capybara eating watermelons,
I think you can hear the coins jingling already?


Capybara doesn't just jump, it literally breaks down by chart!

Reasonable distribution and smooth growth - our tokenomics is like a capybara's lunch: we are slowly but inevitably taking over everything!

Supply:100 000 000
Unleash the tuna, unleash the lambo - speed matters. Be faster than everyone else. You don't want to miss a capybara eating bucks like hay, do you?

Don't be confused in the meme jungle join $CPBR Family's chilliest pack!

Spread the word wherever you go with our signature set of stickers and emoji - always fluffy, always chilling

Use memes to communicate with others: A gallery of capybara memes that users can download and share


1. Collaborating with notable projects in ton and zoo2. Adding rewards to liquidity pools3. Major marketing work on English and Asian Twitter4. Real life events on CIS and other cryptocurrencies5. Buying a real capybara 😈6. Sponsorship of animal protection societies

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"What are you going to do?"- they ask
"Fuck around, what else?" - we answer.